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Wife or girlfriend wears lingerie in the video.

Husband licks and kisses wife while she rides another man

The wife moans a lot while she rides another guy. The husband comes over and eats his wife's pussy while she still has a strangers cock in it.

Wife is enthusiastic for double penetration from other guys

Wife smiles and talks about how great it will be to have two cocks in her. She sits on a guy's cock while another guy penetrates her pussy.

Dirty talking wife shared with strangers compilation

Homemade compilation featuring an wife who is cummed in by several strangers. She is vocal and talks dirty, telling the strangers to cum in her pussy.

Stranger pleasures wife by licking and fingering her

Stranger takes a good while pleasuring the hot wife. He licks and fingers her pussy while she moans loudly. They have sex and he gets to cum in her.

Dogging wife fucked from behind by stranger

Wife is in a car outside at night sucking on a stranger cock. She lets him fuck her bareback and cum in her pussy while the husband films.

Blindfolded wife eaten out by stranger sneaked in by husband

The wife is edging herself with a vibrator while wearing a blindfold and earbuds. The husband sneaks in a stranger who eats her out.

Wife wears revealing clothing for repairman

Wife wears a very revealing top and a thong bottom while the repair guy helps her out. The wife answers...

Wife and garbage man share a quickie

The wife has a camera setup in the garage. She looks into the camera and say's "Here come my friends"...

Busty wife rides stranger in front of husband

Short clip of a wife with big tits riding another man's cock while her husband films it. She's wearing lingerie...

Wife in exposing lingerie gets pizza delivery

The wife approaches the door, wearing very revealing lingerie. She opens the door, takes the pizza and gives the guy...

Girlfriend makes out with pizza delivery guy then fucks boyfriend

The GF kisses and makes out with the pizza guy while wearing revealing lingerie. She asks him if he likes...

Husband eats creampie left in wife by lover

Warning: This video involves a bit more of serious cuckolding. The husband actually cleans up his wife's pussy after her...

Girlfriends riding boyfriends side by side

Two girlfriends ride their boyfriend's cocks next to each other. Both of the girlfriends sport lingerie and ride their boyfriends....

Black wife shared with stranger

Black wife is shared with a stranger while her husband films. The video begins with the wife wearing lingerie sucking...

Wife gets fast creampie from friend

The wife is fucked in doggy style by her friend and he cums her in pussy very quickly. It begins...


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