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Clothed male nude female: The wife or girlfriend is nude while the friend or stranger is clothed.

Wife has her pussy eaten and licked by pizza delivery man

Wife wears a robe as she answers the door for the delivery guy. She comes back completely nude and lets him lick her pussy.

Nude wife on beach is watched by a group of strangers

Wife gives a group of voyeuristic strangers a good view of her completely naked body.

Wife groped by strangers outside cmnf

Several pictures of a nude wife next to clothed strangers, some who grope or touch her body.

Wife groped and fondled by two men

Two strangers grope and fondle a wife's breasts. They also rub her pussy. They take off her top to for better access to her tits and nipples.

Wife has her pussy eaten at an adult movie theater

Wife has her pussy and breasts exposed for strangers to play with. One stranger eats her pussy while another plays with her boob.

Couple pull over stranger and let him fondle wife

The husband and wife are driving when they pull over a stranger. The stranger gets to fondle the exhibitionist wife's tits and pussy.

Pizza delivery guy takes photos of wifes pussy

Wife is bottomless when she answers the door. She asks the delivery guy to take pictures of her pussy. She spreads her legs for him to get a good shot.

Stranger licks and inspects wifes pussy in cmnf

The clothed stranger is consumed with eating out the completely nude wife while the husband films. He even spreads apart her pussy revealing her clit.

Blindfolded wife eaten out by stranger sneaked in by husband

The wife is edging herself with a vibrator while wearing a blindfold and earbuds. The husband sneaks in a stranger who eats her out.

Dogging wife left naked in forest for strangers

Wife is left nude with her big tits exposed to any strangers in a forest. Strangers arrive and begin to fondle and play with her. Voyeurs watch from nearby.

Wife receives nude massage from stranger - Part 3

An interracial massage for a white wife finally pays off. The masseuse teases and fingers her until she climaxes. Wife positions herself for better access.

Wife receives nude massage from stranger – Part 2

The sensual massage continues as the masseuse rubs the nude wife's shoulders, back and ass.

Wife receives nude massage from stranger - Part 1

White wife receives an erotic massage from a black masseuse. The wife is nude except for her stockings and high heels.

Wife wears revealing clothing for repairman

Wife wears a very revealing top and a thong bottom while the repair guy helps her out. The wife answers...

Wife flashing gardener

A young hot wife films herself stripping in front of the gardener and teasing him with her body. She starts...


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