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Wife or girlfriend is blindfolded during the video.

Blindfolded wife secretly fucked by another man

Begins with the husband fucking his wife. He eventually has her put on a blindfold, fucks her a bit more, and then swaps with a stranger. The stranger gets to fuck her and she doesn't know until she takes off her blindfold.

Wife makes stranger cum a lot at glory hole

The wife is wearing a blindfold, sucking and stroking another man through a glory hole. She gets him to cum several big cumshots.

Wife has her pussy eaten at an adult movie theater

Wife has her pussy and breasts exposed for strangers to play with. One stranger eats her pussy while another plays with her boob.

Wife makes stranger cum fast in adult bookstore

Wife and husband are at an adult bookstore. The wife is blowing and stroking a stranger there. He doesn't last long and gets to cums on her tits.

Husband holds wife's hand as shes fucked by another man

Wife is presented to a stranger to be used. She is blindfolded, tied to the bed and nude under a blanket. The stranger quickly gets to using the wife.

Wife gets facials from strangers in homemade compilation

Compilation of a real wife taking facials from various strangers. There is variety in the each scene: solo, group, interracial, slow motion, etc.

Blindfolded wife eaten out by stranger sneaked in by husband

The wife is edging herself with a vibrator while wearing a blindfold and earbuds. The husband sneaks in a stranger who eats her out.

Dogging wife left naked in forest for strangers

Wife is left nude with her big tits exposed to any strangers in a forest. Strangers arrive and begin to fondle and play with her. Voyeurs watch from nearby.

Wife shared with craigslist stranger

Blindfolded wife fucked by craigslist stranger on the bed. The wife is wearing a blindfold and has a nightie on....

Wife masturbates for strangers in parking lot

Husband films his wife masturbating for strangers in a parking lot while she is blindfolded. The wife is in a...

Big tit wife sharing compilation

Homemade, small compilation of a busty wife being shared in four different scenes. The first scene is of the hot...

Skinny girlfriend gangbang with strangers

Real amateur girlfriend is in a gangbang with a group of strangers. The video is a hour long and shes...

Blindfolded wife massaged by lesbian MILF

Real video in which husband records his Asian wife getting a lesbian massage from the neighborhood milf. The milf runs...

Blindfolded wife surprised by stranger's cock

Homemade video. Wife is wearing a blindfold and is in doggy style position. She doesn't know who is behind her...turns...

Wife tied to bed and used by stranger

Homemade. Husband films his bound wife being fucked by a stranger. She's wearing a blindfold and has her hands and...


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