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Husband films and photographs his wife enjoying being fucked by a friend. She sucks the friend, has missionary sex, gets eaten out, has her tits fondled, and is fucked hard until the friend cums in her. She gets into doggy and shows the creampie.

I will warn you that the video has music at the beginning and is difficult to see because of the quality. However, once the fucking starts, it's good. The wife's name is Krystal Dreams and her husband has shared her on multiple occasions.
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Janelle 2 years ago
I can wait until this happens to me again. I find myself day dreaming and thinking about it during the day when I am alone at home and I get so wet at times. Before the beginning of this year 2017 our married sex life was really boring and mundane that it was not enjoyable at times and I would just do it to keep my husband happy and often tell him how good it felt when he cums in me and would beg him to cum as quickly as he possible could just to get it over and done with as soon as possible. But since I have done it with our family friend who stayed all weekend I have been sexually completely reborn to the point not only did I really enjoy it with our friend before he went back to his wife I have been really enjoying having sex again with my husband like when we first meet . Every Wife / woman should be allowed to have this sort of sexual freedom. I am so lucky to have a husband who fully encourages and supports me to have fun and enjoyment with others , when ever and where ever I like or he desires. He is the best

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