Friend fucks wife and husband gets sloppy seconds

Husband films his wife fucking and getting a creampie from a friend, the husband enters her afterward for sloppy seconds. The clip begins with the wife sucking on the friends cock. she gets into missionary position and the friend fucks her on the bed while he stands. He slowly slides his cock back and forth and she vocalizes her approval. The friend picks up the pace a bit and her breasts begin to jiggle back and forth. The husband moves in and gets very close up shots of his friend's cock entering his wife's pussy.

The wife turns around and the friend enters her in doggy, from the back, position. They are both standing, but she is bent over the bed. The husband continues his close up shots of the cock entering his wife, moving in and out. The husband does take the camera away from the action to focus on her facial expressions which show her very much enjoying the fucking she is receiving. At this point it appears that the wife reachs down to rub her clit which the friend continues to fuck her in doggy style. The friend then turns around on the bed and the wife gets on top of him. She rides the friend hard while the husband films the action, occasionally opting in for close up shots. The riding continues until the friend cums inside with wife.

The wife turns over and shows the creampie to her husband. He gets a good view of it and then enters her for sloppy seconds. He fucks her in missionary and doesn't last long, quickly cumming inside her too.

This couple has a profile and there are more videos of her being shared. More will be posted here soon.


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Frank 2 years ago
WEll love these videos..My wife and i have many home made videos of guys fucking her and filling her pussy up with fat loads of cum..Right now my best friend is fucking her,cuming in her pussy.. Its HOT so im going to let them coninue fucking maybe shell get pregnant..HOT!!

2 years ago
Sounds good

Dave 2 years ago
There were more videos, but it looks like they've been reigned in.

Adam 2 years ago
Where the other videos of her?!

fountainb0y1 2 years ago
great video. would love to share my wife like that

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