Homemade wife shared with coach

Homemade video of a wife being fucked by her sports coach while her husband films. She gives him a blowjob and lets him cum in her mouth.

The video begins with the coach and the wife kissing while he fingers her. She plays with his cock and tugs on it. It skips to her being fucked slowly in missionary position, her legs are up in the air and they are kissing. Coach picks up the pace a little and she responds audibly. He then fucks her in doggy style and her tits swing back and forth. He tries to get in deeper. She then rides him and he takes control, fucking her from the bottom. She reciprocates by pushing her pussy against his cock.

She continues riding his cock and her tits are in his face. He does end up grabbing and rubbing them. The final part of the video is of her giving him a blowjob. He pushes her down on his cock and starts fucking her mouth. Soon afterwards, he cums in her mouth. Meanwhile, the husband is snapping photos of another man cumming in his wife's mouth.

The description states that he started making sexual advances on her after they would train. She then asked him to fuck her, with her husband watching, and he agreed. The description does refer to the guy as a "sport coach". I don't know if they meant a personal fitness trainer, or if he is actually a coach of a sport she plays in, but either way I have tagged it as friend.


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