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The wife is on all fours, sucking the strangers cock while he plays with her pussy and spanks her ass. She moans during this, enjoying it. He grabs her breast and then takes off his clothes. It looks like he is about to penetrate her, but he instead starts to lick and eat her pussy. He really gets in there and the wife moans. The stranger then puts his dick inside her while he's standing and she's laying on the bed with her legs spread apart.

The stranger picks up the wife and does a "carry and fuck" in which he is standing while he holds her and bounces her on his cock. The guy puts her down and plays with her pussy some more. She clearly enjoys all of the attention on her pussy. He then puts his dick in her, fucking her while standing, and he plays with her clit. The wife holds her legs up in the air, exposing her pussy and allowing total access. This continues for a bit until he grabs the wife and starts to fuck her hard. He doesn't last long like this: he pulls out and starts to cum on her. She takes his cock in her mouth and sucks on him while he cums.


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Ed 2 years ago
Wow! I loved that video!

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