Wife exposes and has breasts touched at bar

Wife exposes herself and is groped in a bar while the husband films. This is a bit different than the other videos on this site. The wife flashes her tits at the bar and poses bare chested for a photo while a bar goer grabs her boob. There are then a few kissing sessions with another girl. She then reveals her breasts next to a guy at the bar and has the girl she is talking to take out her breasts as well. The wife continues to showcase her breasts while other guys at the bar talk to her. A crowd quickly forms around her. She does point out her husband to one of the guys.

Both women continue to expose their breasts by the bar. The guys around the two get a chance to touch her breasts. The two then cover up for a bit. That doesn't last long as the wife's breast come right back out. A guy ends up trying to dance around her and he takes out his cellphone. He gets a picture with her while his face is between her tits. There is a part where a bar stranger is lifting her skirt up, exposing her pussy to the camera. Her tries to sneak in a finger, but she denies that. It ends with the wife and husband having sex...husband is probably very turned on from sharing his wife and her breasts with the bar.

The wife appears to have a performer's past. However, since she's met her husband it looks like she's limited to just him. The husband takes the videos and they focus on exhibitionism and sex between the two of them.


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