Wife lets friend cum in her mouth and shows husband

The wife is sucking on the the husband while the friend stands by her with his cock near her face. She puts his cock in her mouth and looks over at her husband, smiling and laughs a little. She starts to blow the friend, sliding her mouth back and forth along his dick, while holding her husband in her hand. She then goes back down on the husband for a little and continues to hold the friend's cock. She then alternates again and begins to suck on the friend. She focuses and starts to blow him fast. The friend doesn't last long once she picks up the pace. He moans and cums inside the wife's mouth.

The wife lets the friend cum all in her mouth and she takes it no problem. She moves the cum around in her mouth, puts it on her tongue and shows the husband. She even licks her hand and fingers to make sure she got it all.


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Dennis wills 2 years ago
Love her, wish she was my wife and she was swallowing cum from room full of monster black dicks for me

ELI1971 2 years ago
They way she looks at her husband while sucking the other man's dick is so hot.

chrisjoci 2 years ago
Wish my wife would do this


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