Older wife fucked by younger man and husband gets sloppy seconds

The young guy is greeted by the older wife who asks him if he was able to find his way in. The two exchange hello's and they guy doesn't waste any time, he throws the wife onto the bed and starts kissing her. The wife has her legs wrapped around the guy while they both kiss. He takes off the wife's shirt revealing a pink bra. They continue kissing for a bit and then the wife starts to unbutton the guy's shirt. He's eager to go back to kissing. He pauses to take off his shirt, and goes back to kissing her while she has her legs around him.

The guy removes the wife's panties and begins to eat her out. The wife reacts vocally and even thrusts her hips at some points, clearly into it. The guy continues eating her out for a bit and she moans plenty. He gets up on the bed and she removes his pants, finding him already hard for her. She sucks on his dick for a little, returning the favor. She takes his dick out of her mouth and says "I could take that all day". She lies back on the bed and the guy jumps up and gets right into it.

The two fuck in missionary position for a bit. The guy starts slow, but then speeds up. The guy doesn't last long and ends up cumming in the wife. I believe it's the husband that comments that it was only three minutes and everyone laughs. The husband now makes his way into the view of the camera and we can see both guys looking at the wife. The wife turns around and shows her cum filled pussy to her husband. He eagerly gets up on the bed and begins to fuck her for sloppy seconds. The video does cut out before we can see the conclusion of the husband fucking the wife with the another man's cum in her pussy.


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