Homemade real wife at glory hole sucks and fucks

A cock appears at the glory hole and the wife chuckles. She grabs the cock and wraps her mouth around it. She uses her hand and mouth at the same time on the cock. She looks back over at her husband and smiles with the stranger's cock in her mouth. The husband encourages her to keep going. She is asked if she likes sucking stranger's cock and she affirms saying she loves having strangers cocks shoved down her throat. The wife turns back to the husband and asks him if he likes it then continues working the stranger's cock with her mouth. The husband comes over and pushes her head further down on the cock.

She pushes herself down on the cock, deep throats the stranger's dick, and she asks him if he likes it. He says he does. It then sounds like he asks if they can have sex/get ready and she says yes. She grabs a towel and wipes herself and it sounds like she's saying that she is all wet. The stranger has put a condom on and presents his cock through the glory hole again for her. She turns around and pushes herself against the dick. She starts fucking it and the husband goes over and puts his dick in her mouth for a spit roast. She does a good job bouncing on the strangers cock while she has her husband's dick in her.

The wife says the cock is good and goes on to say that she loves big dicks, makes her pussy wet. She again states that she likes big cocks in her pussy. The husband likes it and says good girl. The husband tells her to back it up against the wall and let the stranger do the work. The wife puts herself against the wall and asks the stranger if he can fuck her. She tells the stranger that his cock feels good in her. This doesn't go on for too long because it sounds like the stranger is ready to cum.

The wife takes the condom off and gets back to work. She uses her hands and mouth, and tells the stranger she wants him to cum all over her mouth. The stranger also starts fucking her mouth and the husband continues praising his wife. The guy warns her that he is about to cum and she continues. She lets him cum in her mouth.

Although this is a glory hole, I believe it's one that was created in the couple's home. There's towels and chairs and it just seems way to comfortable for an adult bookstore, cinema or other more traditional place. That being said, it probably helped the wife stay comfortable and resulted in a great video.


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