Wife gets facials from strangers in homemade compilation

This is a homemade compilation of a real wife taking many different guy's cum on her face. In the first scene, she staring straight up at the guy who is jerking his cock off to her. She holds her tits and holds out her face in preparation of the facial. He sticks in dick in her mouth which she gladly takes. When he pulls his cock out she tells him to cum on her. The guy continues jerking off a bit and puts his cock in her mouth again and she goes wild on it. The husband touches her shoulder and neck briefly. The guy keeps jerking off and the wife moans. He ends up cumming all over her chest and tits to which she responds "good boy". The wife turns around and gives the husband a good view.

The next scene starts at 2:00 and it's a slow motion of the wife sucking on another man's dick. She pulls her mouth off and the guy jerks his cock. He quickly cums, unloading several spurts over her nose and mouth. The wife sits with her face out, mouth open and eyes closed. She doesn't even really flinch or pull away. Some of the guy's cum gets onto her tongue. This slow motion really helps show each pump of cum hitting her face. The video then suddenly reverts back to normal speed and the guy is slapping his cock against the wife's tongue.

At 3:52 is a scene involving two guys jerking off in front of the wife. The wife has her tongue out and is ready for the stranger's cum. He jerks off and shoots a huge load on her face followed by several others. Once finished, the wife turns towards the husband and shows off her face, completely covered from the stranger. It looks like the wife cleans up and then starts sucking on the other guy. The guy pulls his cock out of her mouth and proceeds with the facial: he shoots all over her face several times. By the time he's done, she's completely doused in just like the other guy. The wife turns towards her husband, smiles at him while and shows off the facial. She's on her knees with her tits squeezed together in this position.

At 5:58 the wife is sucking on a guys cock and using her hand to stroke him. The guy pulls his cock out and jerks it off for her. She presents her face and rubs her tits the squeezes her tits together. The guy speeds up his stroking and gives her a nice facial which she shows to her husband. It skips to the wife laying on the bed while the same guy is jerking off for her again. It might be the same time or perhaps its another time they got together. He gives her a nice facial in this position and even gets to squeeze her tits.

8:23 - Wife is sucking on maybe her husband's cock with an occasional deep throat. She keeps up the pace and it doesn't take long before the she pulls his cock out of her mouth and unleashes on her. It might be the husband at this part because the voice sounds like his and it looks to only be one person there. However, in the next scene, the guy getting blown is obviously not the husband, but is holding the camera. It's inconclusive.

9:44 - The white wife is blowing a black cock. She is in the process of deep throating it. She pulls off of it revealing the big cock (bbc) and the guy applauds her by saying good girl. The wife encourages the guy she is sucking to cum on her face. She cups the guys balls while she sucks his cock hard. She uses her mouth with her hand and keeps up the pace. The guy instructs her to tell him to cum on her face and he gives her the facial she asks for. He really does unload a lot on her face and she even thanks him for it.

12:45 - There is a gang bang going on. The wife is blindfolded and the person filming has his cock in her mouth. Meanwhile she is being fucked by someone else in missionary position. She is moaning hard and already has cum from a previous person on her face. She pleads for the guy to keep fucking her and the person filming strokes their cock themselves. The guy cums on her face and she says good boy to him.

This video is fantastic. It's great montage of the different times the wife has received facials from others. It's not just the same scenario in every scene either, there is variety. The video quality is also great.


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