Couple pull over stranger and let him fondle wife

Husband and wife are driving a car and the wife has her bikini top pulled down to expose her tits. They are driving alongside another car and the stranger in the other car looks over and the wife waves at him. She tries to signal to him to get his attention and it takes a few tries. The guy finally pays attention and she instructs him to pull over.

The video jumps to them stopped on the side of the road. The husband tells the guy that his wife wants to talk to him. She still has her top down with her breasts out. The stranger comes over to the car and begins to fondle the wife's breasts. The guy continues to fondle the wife's breast and the wife leans back seemingly enjoying it. She guides the stranger's hands down to her vagina and she pulls her out to give him room.

The husband asks the stranger if this has ever happened before and the guy says no. He kind of moves his hand around her stomach and stays in that area. The wife chides him for not getting down there. The stranger does put his fingers down there and the wife even guides his hand down more. She moans as he finally starts to touch her clit a little. She takes off her shorts and is then completely nude for this stranger. The guy finally starts rubbing her clit and pussy and the wife starts to moan a little.

Very unique scenario in which the couple actually pull over a stranger. However, the stranger is hesitant and requires guidance to go through with it, though, it's somewhat understandable.


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1 year ago
I let some friends open wifes shorts and finger her bald pussy. Then we share her. She swallows cum

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