Dana DeArmond tribbing Celeste Star

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This clip was recommended by X, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. We do have the last 2:00 minutes or so of the end of this movie up already called "Trib from behind".

The full movie starts with Celeste Star sitting on her bed talking on the phone. She is talking to one of her friends about how annoying her Woman Studies class is and how she has to do a project with the weirdo Dana Dearmound. Celeste tells her friend she has to go when she hears Dana walking up the stairs, Dana came over to work on the project. I can't really hear what Dana is saying, but it doesn't seem like these two are anything a like. Celeste is fun and bubbly and Dana is quiet and dark.

They are talking about a movie that they are suppose to analyze and Dana said she would write about the scene were the two girls have sex. Celeste starts laughing and says girls can't have sex, there was no strap on in the movie. Dana looks at her funny and says she has to leave because Celeste is ignorant about how women make love. Celeste says she is sorry, she just doesn't under stand and she wants Dana to show her. They start to kiss.

Dana lays Celeste down on the bed and pushes her knee into her pussy before she kisses her and takes off her pants. Then with both girls panties still on, they start tribbing hard and fast, Dana is riding Celeste's pussy. Then Dana gets lower and tribs Celeste in the missionary position, there is a nice closeup of their pussies tribbing. Celeste has her legs up, letting Dana trib her in her signature position.

Then Dana pulls Celeste's panties real tight against her clit and they trib laying down in a semi scissor position. Then they take off each other's panties and Celeste tribs her pussy on Dana's ankle, which is hot. Then Celeste tribs her pussy on Dana's foot, after that they start scissoring their pussies together. Then Celeste licks Dana's pussy and Dana tribs on Celeste's mouth and tongue. Then Celeste sits on Dana's face and they get into the 69 position.

Then Dana mounts Celeste from behind and starts tribbing her doggy style. They trib hard and fast, Celeste pushes her pussy back and tribs on Dana's thigh. At 27:11 you can see Dana squirting from her pussy, she has three squirts of cum shoot out.


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2 years ago
Love it

Celeste 3 years ago
Lol it's weird seeing my name, but oh my goooooddddd this is such a hot video. I need Celeste and Dana to make more movies together, it seems like they really connect. This was hot in a way where it seemed so genuine that I felt I was intruding, cause I'm a lesbian and I know when certain parts they fake and when Celeste and Dana laugh randomly it's cause they're putting on a show at that moment and it just feels so real??? Cause I get that pornstars usually go along with overdoing it but I just love the fact that they laugh about it and are so intimate. Nice video, I'm definitely watching this again.

dan 3 years ago
This is quite a coincidence that this vid is here now. Just so hapens that iv been watchin this scene just in the past few days. I came across full dvd of wet panties tribbing vol 4, which this is off, and this has to be by a margin (all scenes on it r excellent) my favourite scene on the dvd. Its sooo dam hot and sexy. I adore celestes erotic passion she puts into everythin she does. The way she looks at her partner with those give it to me stares is sooo fekin sexy. And i love she is vocal as well. This scene screams pleasure and she looks to be gettin her fill. If the pleasure n orgasms she has are all put on then she must be one of the best fakers in the business. Seems real to me lol. What i wouldnt give to run my hands over her sexy body while she tribs all over me in every way she wants. I can watch this all day. I highly recomend to all if you can aford buy the wet panties trib dvds from sweetheart video. Or if like me u find page download the dvd. I managed to get vol 1,4 n 5 n wud like the rest in time. X whoever you are, great video choice. Now this is on here its another great reason to visit this site and watch amazing tribbing like this as i masturbate to a fantastic orgasm while my imagination runs rampant. Love it.

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