Skin Diamond and Magdalene St. Michaels have lesbian sex

This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Magdalene St. Michaels is on the phone trying to reach her agent. She finally gets to talk to him and all he has to offer her is a commercial. Magdalene is upset because she has won two Tony awards and feels she is better then that. Her agent tells her she is not and that no one wants to book her. Magdalene agrees to think about the commercial. Meanwhile Skin Diamond is walking up to Magdalene's door with coffee and food listening in on her conversation.

Skin walks into the room after Magdalene's phone call is over. Magdalene tells Skin one of her television appearances has been cancelled. Skin tells Magdalene she is sorry to hear that. Magdalene tells Skin about the commercial offer and how she doesn't want to do it because she is an award winning actress. Skin thinks it would be fun just to be on television. Magdalene is basically a fading star and she is sad about it. Skin tries to make her feel better. Skin tells Magdalene that she has not let the apartment in over a month and she should because she will feel better about life in general.

Skin tells Magdalene that she knows about depression because her dad left and her mom was really sad and depressed all the time and her Aunt had to raise her. Skin says that Magdalene is amazing and she should go on a date. Magdalene says she has not been on a date in a long time. Skin says she does not date much either. Magdalene says she has dated a lot of men in her life but she has had a lot of relationships with woman too. Skin mentioned that she is scared of men and Magdalene suggests that maybe Skin is a lesbian.

Skin says that makes sense because she has been into her girlfriends before. Then Skin comes out and tells Magdalene that she is attracted to Magdalene and has a crush on her. Magdalene reaches over and kisses Skin. They start making out and getting naked. Magdalene takes off Skin's panties and fingers and eats her pussy. Magdalene tribs Skin's pussy with her tit for a few seconds before she goes back to fingering it and licking it. Then they kiss some more and Skin rubs Magdalene's pussy and sucks on her boobs. Then Skin licks and fingers Magdalene's hairy pussy.

Then Skin mounts Magdalene and they start tribbing together in the standard tribbing position. Then Skin gets off Magdalene and bends over on the bed. Magdalene eats Skin's pussy form behind. Then Skin lays down on her back and Magdalene rubs Skin's pussy some more.

Body Tribbing: 21:31
Standard Tribbing: 32:30


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