Sinn Sage and Dani Daniels tribbing hard and fast

Dani Daniels and Sinn Sage are in the office working on a Saturday and Sinn is not happy about it. They have to enter data into the database for the coders. Dani wants to hurry and get the job done and Sinn does not want to do it at all. Dani wants to look good and do the work so she gets hired on as a permanent employee, right now she is just a temp.

Sinn is a permanent employee because she has a rich father who bought her the job. Sinn is really hung over and does not want to hear Dani bitching anymore. Dani says she needs the money to pay her bills and Sinn says Dani is so pretty that she can just go model and get paid. Dani laughs at her and calls her clueless, says she has rich girl problems.

Sinn feels bad and says she will help Dani and then they can go out for drinks, Sinn's treat. Sinn asks Dani if she has a boyfriend and Dani says she does not. Sinn finds it odd since Dani is really pretty, Dani asks Sinn if she has one. Sinn is also single. They are quiet for a few minutes flipping through folders and papers. Dani mentions to Sinn that she does not have a boyfriend because she does not like boys.

Sinn is intrigued and asks Dani if she likes girls, Dani says she does and Sinn kisses Dani. They kiss and make out and leave the office and end up in a bedroom. They take off their tops and Sinn lightly tribs Dani missionary style while they are both wearing their bottoms, Dani is wearing a skirt and Sinn is wearing black pants. Sinn sucks on Dani's boobs and then gets up and takes off Sinn's pants leaving Sinn in her underwear and tribs Sinn in the standard tribbing position.

Dani is still wearing her skirt while she tribs Sinn in her panties. Then Sinn takes control and gets on top and tribs Dani in the tribbing of the knee position while they kiss and touch. Sinn tribs Dani hard and fast this way, Sinn's ass shakes a mile a minute in her purple panties. Then they stop tribbing and Dani eats out Sinn's pussy by moving her panties to the side. Then Dani mounts Sinn and tribs Sinn hard and fast in the semi reverse cowgirl position.

Then Sinn gets behind Dani and takes her panties off and eats Dani's pussy from behind. Then Dani gets on her knees and Sinn tribs her hard from behind. Dani's panties are off but Sinn is still wearing hers, but then Sinn quickly takes her panties off and continues to trib Dani hard from behind. Then they stop tribbing and Dani sucks on Sinn's boobs and they kiss. Then Sinn lays on her stomach and Dani eats her pussy out from behind.

While Sinn is still laying on her back Dan puts her pussy on Sinn's and they trib in a semi scissoring semi doggy style position. Sinn takes control and tribs Dani hard and fast that way. Then Sinn stops and Dani rubs Sinn's clit. After that they kiss on the bed, Sinn is a sweaty mess.

Missionary: 9:16
Standard Tribbing: 12:26
Knee Tribbing: 13:58
Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 21:35
Doggy Style: 27:02, 30:06
Scissoring: 30:06


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