Celeste Star and Imani Rose tribbing fast and hard

Celeste Star and Imani Rose are sitting on the couch talking, I can't really hear what they are saying but I think they are talking about the strange places they have had sex and with what gender. Imani said she had sex in the conference room and Celeste said she made out on an airplane. I think Celeste says she never made out with a girl before so Imani comes closer to her and they kiss.

Celeste puts her hand down Imani's pants and rubs her pussy then Celeste sits on Imani's face and tribs it while Imani eats her pussy out. Imani masturbates while she is also eating out Celeste's pussy. Then Celeste sits down on the couch and Imani tribs while she is still wearing her g string panties. They trib in the standard position hard and fast.

Then the clip cuts to Imani laying down on the couch and Celeste on top of her and they tribbing in the missionary position. They only trib this way for literally a second, Celeste goes down on Imani and eats her pussy and rubs it. Then Celeste gets back on top of Imani and they trib again missionary style, this time it is very hard and fast.

Face Tribbing: 4:10
Standard Tribbing: 5:00
Missionary: 5:44, 9:08


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