Real chubby mature lesbians tribbing

This clip was recommended by Leon, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user and a good version of this clip was found by chicitythang also a Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This clip is very real, two chubby, mature amateur lesbians, Layla and Louise, have sex while someone films them. They are real lesbians married to each other in real life.

Anyway, they start out kissing and rubbing on the bed with their bra and panties on. They slowly take off each other’s underwear and get right to it. The woman on the top starts fingering and eating out the woman on the bottoms pussy. Then the woman on the top lays down and gets her pussy rubbed and eaten out. Then she starts fingering and fisting the woman on the bottom really fast and hard, she also rubs her clit and licks her clit some more.

At 14:06 they get into the scissor position and start tribbing their pussies together. There are excellent closeup shots of their pussies touching and smacking together. The woman on the right rubs her partner’s clit some more during their tribbing also. After they scissor, the woman on the right gets on top of the other woman and tribs her missionary style clit to clit. Their clits touch the whole time and there are more great closeup shots.

Scissoring: 14:06
Missionary: 16:30


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1 year ago
Prove it Peter

Gemma 1 year ago
Thanks chicitythang for the full color version of the video :) @ Peter: It sure does look like they are married they are very passionate with each other, thanks for the info.

Peter 1 year ago
I actually have been with one of the ladies here. Given me a lovely long piggyback before finishing off with an awesome hand job Those ladies are married to each other and can't get enough of one another.

chicitythang 1 year ago
You can delete that when done. Didn't know how else to submit it.

Christine 1 year ago
Yeah I agree it a better version don't see enough of this type of real tribbing professional one ok but this hits the mark still makes me wet everytime I watch it yummy trib xx

Gemma 1 year ago
Actually I will keep both versions up :)

Gemma 1 year ago
Oh wow nice catch thanks guys. I cannot access the full clip because I am not friends with the user who has it up, but I will keep this version up and probably take down the other because this is better quality.

Christine 1 year ago
Hi nice as it is seen it on one of your other videos still very erotic to watch though

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