Sinn Sage and Natasha Nice fuck

Sinn Sage and Natasha Nice are being interviewed and asked questions, after that they have sex. They kiss and play with each other. Sinn tribs Natasha in the knee tribbing position and the standard way while they are in their panties. Then Sinn takes Natasha's panties off and licks her pussy. Then Sinn tribs Natasha missionary style for a second.

Natasha then gets up and takes Sinn's panties of and gets on top of her and tribs her in the knee position, hard. Then Sinn gets on top of Natasha and they trib in an upright missionary position clit to clit with good closeup shots. Then Natasha sucks on Sinn's pussy. After that Sinn tribs Natasha in the semi reverse cowgirl position. They trib hard and fast and Sinn bumps her pussy on Natasha's. Then Sinn closes the clip tribbing Natasha in the knee tribbing position. They are both red and hot and sweaty.
Tribbing - Professional
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gemma 4 months ago

GOD 4 months ago
NEVER thought I'd say this but shit... Sinn Sage is played out now. Last time she was trib queen was 2013/14 I believe. All these random homemade joints that be coming out are way better. Perhaps she was the blueprint for a lot of em lol she still #legendary tho. Shout out to yall for still going strong w the site I hope you all are very prosperous

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